Creativity, entrepreneurial is our tradition

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More About Complex Scolaire

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Creating entrepreneurial ideas which is the core foundation of the school


Learn in a clean, nature-filled, ventilated and spacious environment.


Gain insight on different sporting activities and engage in what you like


Get access to quality education at affordable price

Enroll your ward and adolescent today at the Montessori CSUC primary and secondary school and you won't regret your decision

Why you need to enroll?

1. At CSUC, you are guaranteed academic excellence

2. At CSUC, meet student from different walks of life

3. At CSUC, you are trained to be innovative and idealistic student

4. At CSUC, you are trained with entrepreneurial mindset

5. At CSUC, you have access to modern technologies and science laboratory

6. At CSUC, you are trained by the best teachers and the best materials


Learn modern farming techniques

Engage in agricultural learning programmes by participating in different types of agricultural activities including poultry, farming, nurturing a plant nursery and much more.

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Training & Fitness

Start training at our gymasium center


Start workout today at the school training facilities
and enjoy unlimited access to training center and more.


Workout under supervision of the P.H.E teacher and have the feelings team work and spirit

Burn Energy

Break down calories and release energy easily with the effective training under supervision.